Dear all! Astro-Ethics is an opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing and truly incredible possibilities of Astrology as a branch of knowledge. You will be able to use this knowledge to solve a number of difficult issues in your life. Astrology is a discipline responsible for the results of application. Nowadays, any discipline requires an explanation of the theoretical foundations and / or scientific hypotheses justifying its application. Taking into account the rational worldview, social attitudes and values of a modern person, the reliability of the obtained results should be evidenced. Every now and then, we all face problems that we solve by guessing. Often we choose to act or abstain from action without the slightest idea about the nature of such seemingly unsolvable problems, their reasons and consequences. Astrology has numerous applications that are centuries old. We look forward to the explanation of its methods and tools by fundamental natural sciences. And there is hope! However, we don't want to wear you out with all the foundations and advanced hypotheses of new theoretical physics, including cosmological models of the Universe; the existing problems of unification of physical interactions (unified field theory and the theory of everything); attempts to unify quantum field theory with general relativity (GR) and development of a 4D space-time model; instantly moving zero-particles, atom of long-range action and the Mirror Universe. Instead, we encourage you to visit our Bookstore and learn more about these and some other scientific breakthroughs. Please take a look at an overview of astrological services and a list of unique business tools, which will help you earn some money and at the same time – take part in the latest scientific developments and breakthroughs.