01 Apr 2021

At the deepest level of the subconscious mind, human beings (Homo sapiens) have always thought of themselves as part of the Universe. The fact that astrology has generated interest throughout history is explained by our belief that “we are connected to the Universe” or our desire to establish this connection.

To date, ASTROLOGY has remained mysterious and bewildering for the majority of rational people. It is a branch of knowledge closely linked to science, philosophy and religion. Considering the development of astrology in retrospect (from the time of the ancient Sumerians), we conclude that out of the contemplative opportunity to observe the starry sky and the desire to know, an analytical system of astrological symbolic thought has formed, opening up new opportunities for self-knowledge and studying the world around us.

Currently, astrology is a branch of knowledge, which relies on modern mathematical tools, multi-aspect analysis, statistics, intuition and a long tradition. Throughout the centuries of its existence, astrology has come a long way. It witnessed the formation of numerous totalitarian systems, doctrines, hypothetical beliefs, and the birth of modern science. Astrology opened the veil of secrecy. Thus, it has always attracted the attention of the curious, theologians, scientists, the intellectual and social elite.

Often regarded as an obscure secret system of knowledge, for centuries it has remained a part of the world of magic and witchcraft. Totalitarian regimes were especially opposed to it, when they found a forecast inconvenient – dangerous or contrary to their goals and wishes. Thus, in the 17th century, in the midst of the struggle between religious cults and traditions, there was an attempt to ban it by papal bulls...

Nowadays, during the formation of modern scientific knowledge, science theorists and the so-called “fighters” against pseudoscience have come to a conclusion that Astrology is unscientific, since "there is no tangible evidence", the results do not meet the repeatability requirement, do not fit into the theory of everything, which has not been developed by modern science yet...

Surely, we can wait several millennia for this to happen! It is also possible to ignore thousands of years of tradition and practice of obtaining information of interest. But taking into account the high speed of transformation of human knowledge, the idea of the world, the ever-increasing importance and development of information communications and the lack of time for decision-making, it seems impractical to ignore astrology as a tool for cognition, information processing and analysis.

Let us recall that astrologers of the ancient world and the Renaissance made a huge contribution to the development of fundamental sciences, academic disciplines, and generally to all practical knowledge of humanity – mathematics, medicine, astronomy, etc. Clergy and proponents of traditional religious doctrines, monopolizing the right to develop the methods of Human Spirituality manifestation or building a proper Spiritual Structure (a major shift from material values to spiritual ones) teach their parishioners that astrology is harmful – both as a predictive tool and a surrogate of symbolic knowledge apparent in a chart.

Opponents of astrology believe that such quickly obtained knowledge tempts Man to abandon the manifestation of the Will to spiritual construction, cognition and evolution – a mission to be accomplished through hard work and independently.

Thus, they conclude that astrology pushes us to depend on Fate, predestination, and thereby suppresses our Free Will – the special gift of God to Man. Under certain circumstances, there may be such a risk. However, as a rule, everything depends on Man's understanding of the possibilities, observance of the rules for the use of astrology, professionalism, as well as spiritual and moral principles of the astrologer.

“Can a monkey be trusted with a grenade?” The answer is obvious. It should be just as evident that there is a risk of falling under the influence of totalitarian social idioms, phantom orthodox religious doctrines, corrupt members of the clergy or numerous religious and occult sects.

Countless examples prove that their impact on the rational, objective and independent human consciousness is way more destructive. In our opinion, such conclusions are far from scientific.

Biased accusations, religious or occult interpretations of astrology are the result of unscrupulousness and narrow-mindedness of those in a position of power or striving for it. Prohibiting, blaming and reproaching astrology is a convenient position for those religious leaders who interpret pure faith and true religion as strict adherence to formal cults (not as a manifestation of magic). They forgot (or never knew) what comes first.

Persecution of astrologers is useful for statists with an inverted consciousness, whose value system makes it impossible to distinguish between good and evil. Finally, the main reason for the unfounded criticism of astrology is fear! Those in power are simply afraid of losing monopoly on the truth. At the same time, astrological knowledge has existed as a cultural phenomenon for ages! 

Astrology tools have been successfully applied to quickly obtain heterogeneous analytical information in conditions of multicriteriality and uncertainty. These are well known facts.

Astrology as a predictive tool cannot rely on the methods for conducting an experiment used in fundamental sciences – validity and repeatability of an experiment, obtaining a stable, consistent result in the same conditions, circumstances, etc. This is due to the fact that the initiator and subject of its research is Man, willing to act as consciously as possible, i.e. minimize the unconscious actions in the surrounding World – Man gifted with Free Will at the moment of birth.

Until the theory of everything is formulated, substantiated and obvious, until Human Consciousness is clearly manifested at the level of Spirit (the spark of God), we cannot deny the usefulness and functionality of astrology or prohibit its use. It would be harmful on formal grounds.

It is worth noting that to date, there is no single discipline or philosophical system capable of accommodating the entire spectrum of techniques and methods of obtaining knowledge, which professional astrologers use on a day-to-day basis.

From the point of view of fundamental natural sciences of today, astrology as an interdisciplinary knowledge system undoubtedly falls into the category of unknown. In our opinion, until the dream of physicists has come true and the theory of everything has been developed and universally accepted, it seems pointless for expert astrologers to claim academic honors or assert their right to officially recognize astrology as a scientific discipline. Otherwise, astrology may become a relic of the past, just as it happened with many natural sciences and humanities.

An attempt to make Astrology a separate scientific discipline, to formulate its status quo in accordance with the established social and scientific tradition is a mistake caused by the opportunistic behavior of some social groups. As a system of knowledge, Astrology will always be isolated and in a way elitist. Its elitism is explained by the ability of expert astrologers to “miraculously” process the background information and answer the questions about past, present and future, which is still perceived as mysticism, clairvoyance or paranormal abilities.

Such an attitude is only natural, since most people have always associated astrological consultations with an amazing opportunity to get answers to all burning questions. However, in our opinion, there is nothing supernatural, mystical, otherworldly or occult in astrology.

Is Astrology occult? Is it mystical? The answers to these questions largely depend on the consciousness of the person interpreting symbolic information, i.e. the astrologer’s worldview, rational or irrational thinking, etc. Due to the fact that the use of astrology was prohibited by the high and the mighty who took advantage of the circumstances (opportunism), it was considered an occult science.

Also, the idea of astrology as an occult science was formed, when fundamental sciences of the past and present failed to reliably, rationally and objectively explain how it functions. Such status is also the result of the desire to muddy the waters – an image of a secret, mystical, conspiracy science was maintained for one’s own benefit...

Removing astrology from the shadow of ignorance and monopolistic greed is one of the important tasks of modern civilization and its cognitive theory. If we compare it with modern analytical research tools in the field of materials science, professional Astrology of today is some sort of a scanning force microscope for studying the entire life and potential capabilities of Man, as well as predicting the probability of events

Astrology has nothing to do with guesswork. Astrologers process heterogeneous static and dynamic information about Man and Man’s life as is. The issue of its practical application in real life is resolved individually. This is a matter of choice and the ability of a person to pick the wheat from the chaff...

Since astrologers work with a huge spectrum of information, they have a great responsibility. To maintain responsibility and ensure the safety of astrological knowledge, professional astrologers must observe a set of mandatory rules and regulations – a Code of Astro-ethics.

Let us take into account that astrology was more than once at the mercy of scoundrels, no matter if it was popular or prosecuted. Because of the ignorance of the majority, this specific, complex branch of knowledge in the hands of all sorts of fraudsters became a convenient tool for getting free money, mind control, increasing motivation or urging to action. As a result, astrologers were regarded as magicians.

We can only conclude the following: professional astrology has nothing to do with tabloid astrology, or astrology of inanimate objects, finances – fetishes of the material world...

Expert astrologers assume responsibility for their words. Similarly, the struggle of official religions with manifestations of paganism (polytheism and fetishism) is endless. Such is the material nature of Man.

Astrology is neither a development of religious sects nor their property. It does not justify the popularization of various mystical, spiritual or magical practices and teachings that use the same attributes and terms.

Who has the tool of cognition? This is the key question to identify the risks and determine the reliability of the information received.

Absence of the mandatory requirement of the client’s birth time rectification (establishing the exact time of birth) is one reason to question the professionalism of an astrologer.

Additionally, use the following principle: “The higher the monkey climbs the more he shows his tail.” The more astrologers toot their own horns, advertise their unique talents, the more they prophesize, promise material or spiritual wealth, happiness or, on the contrary, scare you with irreversible harmful consequences, the greater the likelihood that they will turn out to be “monkeys”. Be careful!

Astrology requires strict adherence to ethical standards similar to those used in medical practice and in matters of personal safety.

At the same time, the astrological community of today has much greater opportunities to substantiate the relevance of astrology from the perspective of science. Today, astrologers have latest scientific discoveries at their disposal. Representatives of traditional science recognize the fact that scientific breakthroughs and evolution of mankind are interdisciplinary – they are at the junction of scientific disciplines and seemingly completely unrelated areas of expertise such as, for instance, theology and mathematics or bionanotechnology and neutrosophy...

Destructive illusions, passions, fears, bad habits, their manifestation and consequences are not the result of astrological practices or predictions made by professional astrologers. Astrology is essentially neutral!

Why is the history of the world full of interpersonal, social, interstate conflicts, wars and injustice? To answer this question, let us analyze the causes and consequences of cruelty, great personal and social tragedies.

As a rule, conflicts are the result of extremely selfish struggle of religions, ideologies and modern schools of thought seeking to have a monopoly on the truth or claiming to have found the only right way of knowing, etc. Astrology, on the contrary, has never sown discord or been a tool in the hands of tyrants! If we learn to see a bigger picture of the world and our place in it, we may prevent further conflicts.

The purpose of astrology is to help obtain information not only to make decisions, but also to understand the world order, find one’s place and live a fulfilling life!

Astrology has always responded to the trend of the times, using the most advanced tools and knowledge.