19 Jan 2021

Is childlessness a final diagnosis, a conscious choice or a karmic lesson?

Astrology teaches that everyone has their own path of life. Not always a man or a woman can become parents, whether they want it or not. There may be different reasons. Let’s divide them into two large groups:

1. Childlessness by choice or circumstance.

2. Involuntary childlessness for various medical reasons (infertility, diseases of parents).

In the first case, a healthy woman can give birth to one or more children, but chooses not to have any. In her horoscope, you can see that she either does not love children, or has a different purpose: a comfortable life, travelling and exploring the world, career achievements, starting and operating a business. Children will be a burden. This attitude is known as psychological childlessness. In a horoscope, childbearing elements will be in conflict with the elements of the 1st or 10th houses while connected with the elements of the 12th house.

Another option. A woman can’t find the right man to start a family. For example, there is no one worthy of it in her environment; or she has no partner at all. There may be different circumstances and numerous reasons.

What choice does she have? She can resign herself to the inevitable, following her Destiny and going with the tide. Conclude that she is not meant to be a mother. Alternatively, if a woman loves children, she will find a way to be closer to them, for instance, get a job working with children: daycare worker, educator, teacher, child speech therapist, child speech pathologist and similar professions.

Another reason for childlessness for non-medical reasons are psychological attitudes of a woman. She will not have sex with a man who is not her husband.

One more scenario: romantic feelings, love, sex. The result is unwanted pregnancy and abortion.

In these cases, both the 5th house and Ceres will be afflicted. And it is not just one indicator, but a whole set of negative factors. Additionally, the elements of the 5th house and Ceres should resonate with the indicators of the absence of a committed relationship or marriage.

Surely, if a healthy woman cannot have children, there should be a reason behind it. It may be a karmic lesson on the way to perfection, an opportunity to work off karma. Therefore, look for karmic indicators to find out the reasons for childlessness in one’s horoscope. Pay special attention to the connections with the elements of the 5th house and with Ceres. Negative configurations with the Lunar Nodes, Saturn, Lilith, the Cross of Fate are especially influential.

If a married couple has no kids, it is not entirely a woman's fault. According to statistics, 50% of childless marriages are the result of a man’s infertility or decision. Men are more active by nature. In most cases, he is the one to make a proposal. However, there may be indicators in horoscopes that it is the woman who should have the situation well in hand. In this case, I advise girls to be more active in this matter.

If in the horoscope of a woman there may be indicators of childlessness due to the absence of a partner, this is not the case for men. It’s a completely different picture.

There is another scenario, when healthy married couples do not have any children. In this case, there are several possibilities, too.

First, there will be no children with this partner. Considering the synastry chart –the overlapping of two horoscopes – there are numerous indicators of childlessness. This is called karmic incompatibility. They were destined to meet at a certain time and deal with the impossibility of giving birth to a child, because this is a karmic lesson. Their predictive astrology chart shows that the woman’s fertility period does not correspond to the man’s fertility period. There is a misconception that a man can conceive a child at any time. However, fertility periods of men and women are the same in horoscopes of couples with children.

Second, a woman or a man can only have children outside marriage. A child can be born, as long as they are not married, or from a lover. This is also visible in the horoscope. There is a contradiction between the 7th house and the 5th house and Ceres, and the 11th house is very strongly connected with these houses.

Surely, this is a moral question. How do you break the news to a woman? Is it necessary? This is for an astrologer to decide. Indicators of childlessness in the female horoscope are the afflicted elements of the 5th house and Ceres. If an astrologer sees their connection with retrograde planets (malefics), afflicted 4th house, it’s necessary to talk about childlessness for medical reasons and focus on the diseases that prevent the birth of children. This is a completely different diagnostics.