22 Feb 2021

When we are born, it is not only the position of planets and houses of the natal chart that counts, but also that of two fictitious points: Point of Life and Point of Death. They have nothing to do with our physical life and death, but respond to the 12-phase rhythm of human development.

Point of Life is a peak of development, when a person reaches his or her maximum potential. Passing through significant planets and houses in horoscope, it indicates the areas to focus on in the corresponding years. Point of death indicates weaknesses in our life at a certain time. Through recurring events, it makes us realize our mistakes and gives us a chance to correct them.

It takes 7 years for the Point of Life to pass through one Zodiac sign, going clockwise, and 9 years for the Point of Death, going counterclockwise.

The first cycle is from birth to 9 years old. Seven to nine is the most difficult age. The Point of Life is now in Taurus, which means hard work and diligence, and the Point of Death is still in Pisces, where there is no clear understanding of what to do. If there are many significant planets and houses in Aries (the first sign of the Zodiac) and Pisces in your birth chart, your childhood will be important and memorable.

7 to 14 years old – time for first experiences and self-expression, time to rebel. Especially from 9 to 14 years old. If there are many malefic planets or points in a child’s birth chart in Taurus and Aquarius, parents will have to try hard to find a common language with their child. If there are benefic planets and points, this child may be a prodigy.

14–21 years old – studies, bonds, first love and disappointments. The turning point is 18.5–19 years. We make our crucial choice. The Point of Death in Capricorn makes a person ambitious and stubborn. The Point of Life in Gemini does not yet provide enough knowledge to realize these ambitions. Benefic planets in Gemini and Capricorn will alleviate the crisis of young adulthood, and malefic ones will make it worse. At this time, it is important to prevent isolation.

21–28 years old – starting a family, building a career and mindset formation. Acceptance or non-acceptance of traditions. Try to resist some strong temptations at the age of 27–28. At this point, one needs a Spiritual Master (a parent, a friend or a stranger), who will encourage contemplation. If there are benefic planets and points in Cancer and Sagittarius, this period will be successful. In case of malefic planets, a person may swing from one extreme to another.

28–35 years old – a very dangerous period. It’s time to sum up the first results, and if the choice was incorrect, it will be obvious, bringing about self-doubt, disappointment, fatigue, discontent and resentment. According to statistics, the suicide rate is the highest in this age group. The Age of Christ will be relatively easy, if there are benefic planets and houses in Leo and Scorpio.

35–42 years old – time for soul searching and analysis of experience. Life routine, disappointments and difficulties during this period exacerbate the feeling of isolation and loneliness, cause existential fear. We have experienced a lot, and only those who have benefics in Virgo and Libra can dare to take a new turn. It will be easier for them to go further.

42–49 years old – two points meet in Libra. The most precarious time is between 42 and 45 years old, when they go together. Oftentimes, people of this age start looking for adventure, seeking to spend the rest of their life in entertainment. Now more than ever it is necessary to find balance and harmony. Benefics in Libra will help turn the corner. Malefics will make this period worse and exhaust a person, breaking important life values.

49–56 years – you may fall under the influence of the Point of Death, beginning to spoil the life of those around you with your tediousness, resentment or desire to live life to the fullest. The most dangerous period is between 54 and 56 years old. Planets in harmony in Scorpio and Virgo will help reflect on your achievements, leave the past in the past and begin again.

56–63 years old – you have authority, but also try to attract attention of your loved ones using your position and status. At the age of 63, you may have to take action following either positive or negative events. The Point of Life is in Sagittarius, and the Point of Death – in Leo.

63–70 years old – time to philosophize and reap the benefits of wisdom. During this period, there is a danger to go senile and spoil relations with relatives. The Point of Death is in Cancer, the Point of Life is in Capricorn. Life makes sense now, since fear of death is pointless.

70–77 years old – increased awareness and ability to pick the wheat from the chaff.

77–84 years old – a new level of development, a complete inner change.

These points are sensitive indicators of important moments and events in horoscope. They help us understand what we should do at a certain time of our life, as well as predict some events and challenges.