06 Sep 2022

The easiest way to make sure that Astrology works…

 …Is to ask about what’s on our minds right now – the so-called horary question (from Latin hora – hour). Horary astrology deals with the moment in time when a person asks a question.
In a way, horary astrology is like a selfie or a Live Photo. It shows you and the state of your affairs at the moment when you ask the question. Sometimes, just like a live photo, it shows what happened to you several days before and what would happen in the near future.
For example, you may be a joyful person who is not afraid of hardships, and you solve all your problems on your own. However, you have recently been fired or left by the person you love. You’re confused, your eyes are full of tears, you are looking for help and don’t know what to do. Usually a confident person, you feel that you don’t understand anything, you are disappointed and devastated. But your state is going to change in a few days.
Or, perhaps, you normally see the world in shades of grey, but today you’re in a wonderful mood and you feel like flying because your significant other has proposed to you.
While the birth horoscope contains information about you as a person in general (it is drawn up on the basis of the exact date, time and place of your birth), the horary horoscope (the horoscope of the time when the question is asked) is used to show your state at the moment, your wishes and fears and your ability to achieve the desired result.
The horary horoscope will help find answers to a number of questions, such as: Should I change my job/invest money? Am I going to be promoted? Should I go on the trip? Is it better to go abroad on vacation or to stay in the summer cottage? Where is my thing/passport/keys/ring? Am I going to find the missing documents? Are we going to break up/get married? Does he/she love me? Is he/she lying to me? Will he/she call me, and, if so, when? Am I going to win the trial? Will they repay the debt to me? Should I buy this thing? Should I marry this person or the other one?
Or even: Am I pregnant?
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Perhaps you’re going to be surprised after receiving the answer to your question: how is this possible?!