01 Jan 2021

Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac. The Sun shifts into the sign of Aries on the day of the vernal equinox. The symbol resembles a sprouted grain. This is the first impulse of the Fire Element. A fire just broke out and is easy to put out.
The sign of Aries symbolizes the mythical golden-fleeced ram flying over the abyss. The ram looks back. He has a great value, which he is unaware of, because it is his part. The fearless flying ram is a leader of all humanity. This is a knight without fear and reproach, a pioneer, who sets an example for all humanity to follow. He teaches us that Man came to this world to fight against the forces of evil. We must awaken, realize that we all have God within us and ignite the divine spark to spread the idea that human life is the greatest value on Earth.
The main task as a parent is to discover your child's talent, turn the divine spark into a flame and give fire to people! No matter what kind of talent it is, make sure you inspire your child to create and make this world a little better.
Raising an Aries, it is important to teach your child to be brave, decisive, fearless and hardworking. Encourage your kid to be a leader, reminding that fiery temperament, tremendous strength and energy are given for the protection of the weak and not for aggression.
Bearing in mind that Aries is ruled by Mars, make sure you teach them to keep their temper in check, maintain a balance between manifestations of their will and respect for the choice of others, show consideration for other people's rights, to offer, but not to force and not to be obtrusive.
Shouting, pressuring, forcing, etc. – these techniques won’t work with Aries. It’s impossible to tame their spirit. In any case, try reaching out to your kid, explaining the duties and pointing out the mistakes in a calm atmosphere. Otherwise, you may provoke aggression or, even worse, bring up a weak-willed and characterless person.
Perseverance is not one of your kid's virtues. Teach Aries patience and diligence, the ability to get the job done. Set a good example for your child. Aries needs your approval, attention and care.
Channel your kid's energy in the right direction. A chess club, music or art school are not good enough. Atomic energy – for peaceful purposes! Boxing, karate dancesport – all kinds of sports requiring quick reflexes and speed.
For Aries to become a person of value, treat your child with respect.
Remember that this is a necessary condition for raising any child.