12 Mar 2021

The sign of Taurus is a bull with wings and golden horns half-emerging from the ground. Taurus is the first level of manifestation of the Earth element. At a low level, it stands for accumulation of material wealth, and at a high level – accumulation of knowledge and information that are useful for other people, creation of immortal works of art that bring peace and harmony. In the best-case scenario, it is a symbol of liberation from the materialistic world, when Man learns to live not as a slave, but as a good citizen of the world, contributing to the return of the Golden Age – the time, when people lived peacefully and happily, without any wars, diseases, hunger or hard labor. Then Man will be able to rise above the mundane, to break away from it.
The main danger is to become a slave to money, save for the sake of it and – in the pursuit of comfort and prosperity – turn into a skinflint or a miser. It is important to remember that we need material goods to nourish the spirit and serve our mind, not the other way around.
If you have a Taurus kid – congratulations! You have a wonderful child with a calm, agreeable and balanced nature. Affectionate and gentle, your kid loves to sit on your lap and enjoy your love. You will be proud of your child’s slow but confident achievements all your life.
For a Taurus child to grow up into a successful and self-sufficient individual, he or she needs a strong family, a cozy and comfortable home and delicious food. Any shocks and changes in the family will deeply hurt your kid and may lead to aggressiveness later on. Strict upbringing is not an option! If you are too tough, your affectionate and gentle child may become a sullen and cruel adult.
Your child has good aesthetic sense and sense of harmony. It is necessary to boost your kid’s creativity early on. Consider including classical music, ballet theatre and art exhibitions in the list of leisure-time activities, instill a love of animals and nature.
Good behavior, hard work and perseverance make them stand out among their peers. Taurus likes to take things slow. Don’t try to rush your kid: it can negatively affect his or her psyche. Taurus is not a quick learner, but once a lesson is learned, it’s for good. You can trust a Taurus with counting the money. In fact, no one can do it better! If you give your child pocket money, do not be surprised to find out that he or she chose to put it in a piggy bank.
Taurus knows how to take and does not like to give. Therefore, teach your kid to be generous. Be a role model for your child and show that giving is much more pleasant than receiving!