11 Jan 2021

Meaning of life... Three words... They make you get lost in thought... And how many images they bring in one’s head!

Everyone has their own understanding of life, their idea of what should and what should not happen in their future. But more often than not, Fate kind of laughs at us, and we find ourselves in circumstances that we are unprepared for. Sometimes these are good events, and sometimes a problem unexpectedly drops from the skies, making us lament our fate, causing resentment, indignation or anger: “What have I done wrong? Why me?” Both men and women turn to astrology to get the answers to such questions. When something happens, everyone wants to know the same thing. In fact, such life-changing events push us to reflect on our actions, words and beliefs!

We come to the World, which has its Laws. I mean neither secular, nor religious laws. I'm talking about the space, the Universe and in it – our little planet Earth, where we were born. Things are not so simple here. But we don't give it enough thought.

When we start to work in a new company, for example, when we join a new team, change an office, we try to look closely at the environment and people, build relationships with colleagues. We scrutinize everything and try to blend in. Do justice to ourselves. Why don't we do the same when we are born? It’s true that we learn to communicate with our relatives and friends, we know what to say and when it’s better to remain silent, how to behave, i.e. we know the etiquette, the fundamental laws of being, as well as some state laws. This is it. Few will go further than that. We get bogged down in everyday life, and there is no time to contemplate life. “Why is my neighbor so lucky? I am at work from morning till night, while she spends all time in beauty salons…” Indignation, discontent will ultimately lead to a misunderstanding of all that is happening around.

What does Fate want from us? It tests us, invites us to learn some lessons, embrace change and do something useful for others. Surely, Fate expects us to change for the better, to perfect ourselves. Development should go up. Surely, not everyone and not always succeed, it is challenging to “live right”. But this is not the point.

When our Fate offers us something different from our inner desires and attitudes, resentment builds up. However, we would be better off if we read the signs of Fate, took advantage of an unusual situation, made an acquaintance, i.e. considered the offer. Fate always pushes us to develop, to move on. This is especially evident in times of crisis. It may seem that the cup is full, that you can’t stand it anymore… But looking back many years later, you realize that you have succeeded, and this experience has not broken your spirit, but has made you stronger and wiser!

For only a thorny way leads to both inner and outer changes. When everything is fine, we get stuck. There is no reason for development. What for? There is no challenge.

Then something happens. And by a twist of fate we make decisions, we start to act and – most importantly – to think! No matter how difficult these events may seem, they are life-changing. It is an impetus for development.

Everyone’s life path is twisted. We all have to draw the moral. But it is unique in each individual case. It is your fate, your way. Not everyone can cope, some people never get over a rough patch. Do not blame them: you have never been in their shoes. But remember that we are only given what we can handle. We can emerge victorious from a most critical, most difficult situation!

Best wishes,

Expert Astrologer Avgustina Gerasimovich