Life Purpose

01 Sep 2022

Where do we go, and why do we go there? Are we on the right track? Do we need it? We constantly think about it. The theme of our Purpose always excites us. On this path, we are often accompanied by doubts, fears and worries.

Our Purpose is the reason why we come to this world and walk a certain path. This is what our Soul is destined to face to gain the experience that is ours only. We often go through situations in life where we have to strain ourselves and exert efforts. Having reached the set goal, however, we understand that this is not for us, that we don’t like it and don’t want it. And this loop can continue forever. This is also what our Purpose may be: to try many things, to gain negative experience without satisfaction, to become disappointed and to start from the scratch once again. For some, the Purpose is to carry their heavy cross.

In the natal chart, the Purpose is defined by a combination of factors. One of the most important ones is the asteroid called Pallas.

Pallas sets karmic goals in events of our lives. It shows what a person must do during certain periods of life, the themes and situations in which it will play out. This is shown by the Zodiac sign and the house of the horoscope in which Pallas is located.

In the presence of tense aspects and configurations with Karmic indicators, it is very difficult for a person to find their own path and their thing to do, or this person is bound to face disappointment.  Negative aspects of Pallas relative to the houses of career and work demonstrate that in course of self-fulfillment in the professional world or in professional activity the person may experience failure and disappointment.

Positive aspects relative to Pallas show spheres where a person can achieve success and reach their goals. Harmonious indicators in the natal chart show that a person is capable of fulfilling their purpose. At the same time, it feels sad to see only strained indicators and understand that this person is destined to fail in self-fulfillment, and that all they will get is gaining experience without being satisfied.

Would you like to learn about your true Purpose and follow the right way? If you are interested about the sign and house where Pallas is located, leave the date, place and time of your birth in the comments. Let’s talk about your Purpose!