15 Aug 2022

What influences our mind, thinking and intelligence?  
In the natal chart, these aspects are defined by Mercury. It is one of the quickest and most mobile celestial bodies other than the Sun and the Moon. It is always next to the Sun and does not get farther away from it than the nearest sign. In a way, Mercury is the Sun’s assistant.  

Mercury is the world of intelligence, reason, thinking and understanding. It is the thirst for knowledge, the capacity for language learning, the gift of oratory, and the ability to analyze and present one’s own thoughts. In the horoscope, Mercury shows the strength of the mind, presence of wittiness, acumen and observation skills. Mercury defines our ability to vividly present our thoughts and to perform in front of a large audience. In addition, it influences our imagination, ability to fantasize and memory.

Being in the same sign as the Sun enhances these qualities. Serving as the Sun’s assistant, Mercury makes it possible to quickly understand, acknowledge, accept and process information. These processes happen in a more harmonious and natural way. If Mercury is in the sign next to the Sun, its effects on our thought process are changed. New tones and shades of the other sign are added, which sometimes are not as easily and quickly perceived by us and integrated into our understanding.

The ease of thinking depends on the distance between Mercury and the Sun. The perfect position corresponds to the distance from 2°30' to 14° between the two celestial bodies in the horoscope. This is the zone of creative development and the best manifestation of talents. However, the farther Mercury is from the Sun in the natal chart, the more complicated the thought process becomes. Those with Mercury distanced from the Sun may experience complications in learning or information processing. This is especially important to know for parents in order to find the best approach to education of their children.

When Mercury is closer than 2.5° from the Sun, its effects are altered, as if burned.  It means that manifestation of all qualities is distorted, not understood or perceived in a harmonious manner. Various skews are possible depending on the current Zodiac sign, its aspects, speed, the sign and house of its ruler (dispositor).

In addition, our thought processes are influenced by the velocity of Mercury at the moment of birth. High velocity signifies quick and mobile mind, capable of grasping information in a single flash. On the other hand, retrograde and stationary phase of Mercury may result in slowing down these processes, inability to put things together quickly, to achieve goals on the first try. For example, two or three attempts may be needed to pass an exam or to enter the university.

The quickness of mental activity in the natal chart is influenced by harmonious interaction between Mercury and Mars or Uranus.  

The ability to fulfill tasks systematically and independently is defined by the position of Mercury in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).

The ability to think flexibly and intuitively depends on harmonious aspects between Mercury and Neptune or the Moon.

Standard and analytical thinking is linked to interaction with Saturn and preferably requires arrangement of these planets in earth signs, which also increases work performance and the efficiency of fulfillment of the required tasks. 

Mercury in Aquarius or in aspects with Uranus is the ability to think in an unorthodox, original and abstract fashion

Mercury in combination with Pluto is the orator’s aspect. People with this characteristic in their natal charts can easily speak in public, use their words to influence large audiences. As a rule, people hear these orators, listen to them and may even fall under their magnetic, magical and psychological influence. This is verbal magic.

The following posts will be dedicated to Mercury in Zodiac signs and houses of the Horoscope.