02 Mar 2021

Astrological indicators and stones.

How to use and combine them?

Have you ever noticed that natural stone jewelry looks really good on some people and weird on others?

Is it because they pick the wrong stones?

Yes, but it’s not the only reason.

There may be several suitable stones.

According to the Sun Sign, the Ascendant Sign or the most significant house in the horoscope. Only an astrologer can do a comprehensive analysis.

The stone can give energy and influence a specific area of life, for instance, health.

Therefore, if the choice of natural stone jewelry makes you dizzy, trust your instinct. You should feel comfortable. Not beautiful, mind you, but calm and peaceful, in tune with the world. If it's beautiful too – you are in luck!

I suggest you look into your jewelry boxes, remember how you feel about different stones and wait for my next posts.

Pay special attention to your inherited jewelry (if any).