31 Jan 2021

Life on Earth is possible due to the light and warmth of the Sun. The Sun represents vitality. Life energy of the Earth and that of Man, as well as Man’s potential are all guided by the principle of vitality.

The position of the Sun in a person’s natal chart will give a clue about his or her health, abilities and talents, attitude towards children, self-sufficiency, etc. Will this person have enough energy for an active life? Where will this energy come from? What’s this person’s life purpose? Will it be fulfilled? And much more. The Sun is our Self.

In a woman's birth chart, the Sun represents the first marriage, spouse, children and father. In a man’s birth chart – talents on the father's side.

The Sun is the most remarkable of celestial objects. In the horoscope, it is often a symbol of outstanding and charismatic individuals who can lead the way. A strong Sun in a birth chart is a sign of self-confidence. This is a bright, creative and self-sufficient person. The world revolves around such people, just like planets revolve around the Sun. Everyone is attracted to Sun people, because they help others see the meaning of life, be in the center of the action. Everything around them happens harmoniously and naturally.

The position of the Sun in the birth chart may be unfavorable. This indicates lack of self-confidence, inability to make important decisions, low self-esteem, selfishness, inability to love.

Sun in Aries – the sign of exaltation. Such individual is self-absorbed, charismatic, straightforward, fearless and daring. Routine bores them.

Sun in Taurus – patience, pragmatism, habit. Persistence is the virtue of this sign.

Sun in Gemini – great communication skills, nimble mind and ability to spread information quickly are their distinctive qualities.

Sun in Cancer – ability to sympathize, care and adapt. People of this sign have a good memory. The stability of their inner world depends on the environment and circumstances.

Sun in Leo (back home) – leadership qualities, willpower, forgiveness and generosity.

Sun in Virgo – rationality, devotion, labor, pedantry and accuracy. People of this sign pay attention to little things and details.

Sun in Libra – balance, mutuality, equality. The symbol of this sign is two scales used to balance everything.

Sun in Scorpio – emotional possessiveness and desire to take everything under control. People of this sign are extremely careful, despite being very brave, courageous and persistent. They prefer not to push their way through, but aim at the weak point of their enemy.

Sun in Sagittarius – desire to go beyond the possible, transcend, rejection of everyday life, hatred of the routine, a tendency to exaggerate, ambitious goals, lofty ideals, love of travel, pleasure and entertainment.

Sun in Capricorn – staunchness, strength, cool-headedness, patience, persistence, sense of purpose and planning. People of this sign value reliability and commitment.

Sun in Aquarius – unpredictability, suddenness, alternating periods of activity and passivity. People of this sign value their independence and uniqueness.

Sun in Pisces – rich imagination, daydreaming, inspiration, musicality, compassion and spirituality.

Sunday is the day of the Sun.

Metal – gold.

Colors – orange, golden.