Special courses

Each Astrology course is a study of a special sphere of human life.

In each class, new theoretical material is analyzed using real-life examples.

Special courses are useful for both beginners and experienced consultant astrologers.

Classes are held every 2 weeks for the theoretical material to sink in. Besides, it gives students the time to complete a practical home assignment.

The duration of each class is 3 hours.
Payment for the class is made no later than 3 days before its start.

Pay for the entire Astrology course and get a 20% discount.
All the necessary materials, tables and diagrams will be sent to you in advance.
Students study in small groups of 5-6 people.
Once there is a group, we will inform you of the date, time and place of the first Astrology class.

If you have any questions regarding our special courses, please contact our Administrator.