Ludmila, THANK YOU so much! Thank you for answering all my questions, for your patience, attention to detail and scrupulous analysis of my horoscope! Our 2 meetings gave me hope that my experience was not in vain, and I took your advice as to the best time to take action to make my plans come true. Thank you and good luck! Margarita


Olga, I can't thank you enough for all the work you have done for me! I asked Olga for advice on several occasions, and I always got answers to my questions, felt inspired and confident about what to do next. Ekaterina


Andrei has opened the window of insights into my life since my youth (now I am 34). I wanted to know why things were bad for me while I studied and worked, despite my skills and perseverance. The answer was shocking, but it also helped me look at myself differently and start solving these problems. In addition, Andrei attracted my attention to some other nuances of my life, which I myself would not have noticed. And they turned out to be essential. Igor


This was my first consultation with Igor. I recommended this astrologer to my close friends, because I got quite unexpected but (as I realized later) truthful answers to some burning questions with regard to important issues in my life. Thank you for this eye-opening experience. Konstantin


I’d like to thank Natalia for investing so much time and effort while preparing for the consultation. It’s too bad that we are looking for help only when we face a problem, and not when there is still a chance to prevent it. But I thank you for being there for me and helping me resist the current blows of fate, as well as for warning me about the ones that I might face in the future. Also, thanks for your detailed answers and being willing to help at short notice. Lubov

NATA Mayskaia

Natasha is not only an empathetic and amiable person, but also an excellent specialist. She was able to understand my not very intelligible questions during a critical period of my life, when my thoughts were confused, and I failed to see things clearly. But her logical and well-structured answers helped me see where I should go next. I liked that Natasha did not criticize or judge me, because I was ashamed to admit certain things to myself. Everything was to the point! Thank you for your professional approach! Olga


I consulted with Avgustina Gerasimovich. When I asked her for advice, my life was a disaster – postpartum depression, loss of identity, problems in my family life... Avgustina answered all my questions about children, put some clarity into the future, and helped me rediscover myself. Later on, I turned to her for advice, when I had questions about finances and career. Due to her insight, my husband got a new job and I became a good mother. I’m grateful to Avgustina for her professionalism and kindness! Vladislava


I was afraid to consult any astrologers so that my fears about job would not be confirmed. Then following a friend's recommendation, I decided to give it a try, and I don’t regret it at all. Elena is a tactful and likeable person who was able to convey the most important message to me despite my fears. And although (judging by the forecast) some of my fears were not unfounded, now I know what to do to minimize the undesirable consequences. I’ll try to pull myself together. It’s good to know that some of the positive aspects that Elena mentioned at the time of the consultation have already materialized in my life. Thank you! Svetlana

ELENA Berezovskaya