Birth time rectification

In order to understand your horoscope, rectify your time of birth first. The horoscope elements are arranged in a strict order, in the exact place, and are unique for each person. If your birth time is not accurate – even if you got it just a minute wrong – your birth chart and the information it contains will change immediately. The reading will change accordingly. Therefore, to build your horoscope with maximum accuracy, find out your exact birth time.

The essence of your birth time rectification is as follows. An astrologer, knowing the exact time of a person’s horoscope, can not only describe his or her character, but also predict some events. It works both ways: if we have information about the major events that have taken place in a person's life up to now, it is possible to determine the exact time of his or her birth using formulas, making sure that these events correspond to the available data.

Only a professional astrologer who has mastered several predictive astrology techniques can accomplish this task.

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