Andrey Stanishevsky



I specialize in astropsychology. For me it is a priority branch of astrology. My own vision and approach is the result of the synthesis of theories of various astrological schools, traditions and authors. The natal chart is a tool and a diagnostic material. I believe that the personality of an astrologer is what counts the most. Undoubtedly, an astrologer should be knowledgeable and skillful. At the same time, such person should be sincere, compassionate and responsible, showing considerable maturity and wisdom.

As a philosopher said: “If a person offers something that he does not have, he is a deceiver.” I work with all kinds of people who ask for my help, advice and support. But I am especially interested in working with thoughtful people, who are capable of contemplation, self-reflection, self-analysis, who want to grow and change spiritually. They do not blame others in difficult times, but are looking for answers in themselves. Surely, I prefer those who understand that they have come to an astrologer and a psychologist, not a fortune-teller. After all, a birth chart is primarily a source of analytical data, and astrology is a science, and a very logical science at that. My rule of counseling is a quote by Stephen Arroyo: “The greatest power of astrology is in perspective, not in guessing the details. If a person is in a hole, and you are above, you have an incredible perspective, but he does not see anything.” Credentials, hobbies: International Academy of Energy Information Sciences. Major: Eniopsychology. Pavel Globa’s Avestan School of Astrology in Minsk. Reiki Master. I study Chinese philosophy and medicine and participate in offsite personal growth retreats. I attended Zhong Yuan Qigong classes (1st and 2nd levels).

February 28, 2021 16:15
Andrei has opened the window of insights into my life since my youth (now I am 34). I wanted to know why things were bad for me while I studied and worked, despite my skills and perseverance. The answer was shocking, but it also helped me look at myself differently and start solving these problems. In addition, Andrei attracted my attention to some other nuances of my life, which I myself would not have noticed. And they turned out to be essential. Igor