Avgustina Gerasimovich



My family is my greatest achievement. I have a big one, since I have three grown-up daughters. I cannot thank my husband enough, because I would never have succeeded without him. I am proud of being a practicing astrologer.

I have developed and currently teach my Course of Practical Astrology, but I cannot imagine my life without counseling. I began to study Astrology a long time ago. First, I completed a course at European School of Correspondence Courses. Second, I obtained a diploma at Pavel Globa’s Avestan School of Astrology. Then I studied and tested many different astrology methods originally developed by famous masters. I consider Irina Makhnach, Olga Batura, Katerina Startseva, Igor Podolsky, Mikhail Levin, Sergey Shestopalov and Irina Timoshenko as my teachers. I started consulting in 2009. I have been teaching Astrology since 2015. I enjoy horoscope reading: it gives me a unique opportunity to explore a person's character, his or her abilities and talents, hidden traits, weaknesses, as well as find answers to all questions, reveal the prospects of one’s life. The issues covered in my consultations range from karmic factors of the horoscope to forecasting events in a person's life. But I specialize in the issues of childbearing, childbirth, childlessness, picking a date for IVF and karmic inheritance. I have a huge experience in counseling on the topics of marriage, family and business relationships. In my work, I use various methods of forecasting. I do my best to answer a person's question accurately, comprehensively and in detail, as well as suggest some options for getting out of tough situations. Since I have been studying Astrology, not only have I answered all the questions that I had, but also have helped others to find solutions to their problems. After all, nothing is accidental. I believe that everything has a cause and effect. If you have a problem, try to figure out why. Astrology is one of the ways to find this reason, to acknowledge it, as well as to provide solutions to almost all problems.

January 12, 2021 19:39
I consulted with Avgustina Gerasimovich. When I asked her for advice, my life was a disaster – postpartum depression, loss of identity, problems in my family life... Avgustina answered all my questions about children, put some clarity into the future, and helped me rediscover myself. Later on, I turned to her for advice, when I had questions about finances and career. Due to her insight, my husband got a new job and I became a good mother. I’m grateful to Avgustina for her professionalism and kindness! Vladislava.