Natalia Ostrovskaya



Looking back, I understand that my choice to study astrology was conscious. For many years, I had been trying to find answers to simple questions. Why is my life full of paradoxes? Why, having a technical education, have I chosen to work with people? I like my job, but can I achieve more?

I found some of the answers, but failed to see the whole picture. When my son was born, there were even more questions: how can I understand my son better and help him with self-fulfillment? Apparently, the Universe heard me. Thanks to my friends, I began to study astrology. It was astrology that gave the most accurate and truthful answers to all my questions. Now I will be glad to share my knowledge with you.

February 04, 2021 06:39
I’d like to thank Natalia for investing so much time and effort while preparing for the consultation. It’s too bad that we are looking for help only when we face a problem, and not when there is still a chance to prevent it. But I thank you for being there for me and helping me resist the current blows of fate, as well as for warning me about the ones that I might face in the future. Also, thanks for your detailed answers and being willing to help at short notice. Lubov.