Olga Romanova



Education: teacher, psychologist, coach. I have worked in B2B sales for 18 years. When I was a young girl, they told me that Astrology was my calling. I didn't believe it then. Later I learned it the hard way: if you fail to take into account your destiny, to force your way through life, you are bound to experience dissatisfaction, betrayal and other difficulties.

We all make the same mistakes. Only after some time, through self-awareness and self-improvement, I have managed to accept my life the way it is and become less judgmental. There are no more problems, just tasks to be solved. I have been counseling for over 5 years. This is over 1,800 hours of work experience. I help my clients find answers to their questions, but I don’t give advice. My consultations cover the following topics and issues: career guidance, self-fulfillment, wealth, personal horoscope, love horoscope, yes / no questions (love, partnership, relocation, career, health, etc.), picking a date for an important event and rectification. Each of us can choose to live a better and more fulfilling life!

March 06, 2021 14:56
Olga, I can't thank you enough for all the work you have done for me! I asked Olga for advice on several occasions, and I always got answers to my questions, felt inspired and confident about what to do next. Ekaterina