Lyudmila Kachaeva



Why astrology? I have been interested in it since my youth. But times were different then, and there was no opportunity to study it. After 20 years of work, I achieved a certain status in a major company. I was an employee, even if a senior one.

I travelled the world, my life was full of opportunities. But back then I felt that something was missing – it was me. I didn't belong to myself. Children, work, someone else's orders, fear of doing something wrong… When I was 35, I reached a turning point in my life. This made me reconsider my path of life. I remembered my interest in astrology and decided to study it. It was the school of Pavel Globa and the Practical School of Astrology of Avgustina Gerasimovich. I have been improving my skills ever since. I started counseling in 2015. Topics covered in consultations: horoscope reading, personal relationships, child reading, childbearing issues, career guidance and forecasts. A birth chart is a clue to a person’s strengths and weaknesses. It is important for me to help my clients change themselves and lead a happier life. Essential oils are another passion of mine. Working at the level of feelings, they help get rid of negative energy, become successful and well-balanced. Today this is my life – I am an astrologer.

March 22, 2021 11:12
Ludmila, THANK YOU so much! Thank you for answering all my questions, for your patience, attention to detail and scrupulous analysis of my horoscope! Our 2 meetings gave me hope that my experience was not in vain, and I took your advice as to the best time to take action to make my plans come true. Thank you and good luck! Margarita.